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Friday, 29 July 2016 09:47

Myths about Suicide Featured

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FALSE!!     If I talk to people about their suicidal feelings, it will put the idea into their heads. 

FALSE!!     If a person talks about wanting to die that is a sure sign that no suicide attempt will be made.   

FALSE!!     If you think about suicide or suicide attempts, you will eventually die by suicide. 

FALSE!!     Only people from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds are likely to kill themselves.  

FALSE!!     People who think about suicide, attempt suicide or kill themselves are always mentally ill.  

FALSE!!     When a person talks about suicide, it's just for attention and the best thing to do is to ignore the words.  

FALSE!!     Suicide occurs without warning so there is no way to prevent it.  

FALSE!!     We can relax once the suicidal person is getting professional help.       

FALSE!!     The depression has lifted and the person seems to be much better and happier. This is an indication that the person is out of danger.  

FALSE!!     Suicidal urges are inherited, so there is not much we can do.        

FALSE!!     Suicide is a problem experienced only by older people.         

FALSE!!     Only certain types of people are prone to suicide.      

FALSE!!     People who talk about suicide don't kill themselves. 

FALSE!!     Suicide among young people is on the decline in terms of numbers of deaths annually.

FALSE!!     When teenagers talk about suicide, change the subject and try to get their minds off of it.  

FALSE!!     Most young people who kill themselves really want to die.     

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